Historical Harp Society of Ireland

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

HHSI Summer Concert Series 2011

The Historical Harp Society of Ireland is delighted to present its 2011 summer series of three concert of 16th—18th century Gaelic harp, vocal and piping repertoire:

Mac-talla nan Dun:

Echoes of a Gaelic Chieftains' Castle


FETHARD Holy Trinity Church (c. 12th century) on Saturday, 19th August at 8.00 p.m.

KILKENNY St. Patrick Church, College Rd. on Saturday 20th August at 8.30 p.m.


DUBLIN St. Audoen's Church, Cornmarket, Dublin 8, on Friday, 26th August at 7.3o p.m.

with three of the world' s finest historical harpists Ann Heymann (USA), Andrew Lawrence-King (Guernsey) (19th and 20th August only), and Siobhán Armstrong (Ireland), playing early Irish harps strung in brass, silver and gold wires. They will be joined by Scotland's premier historical piper Barnaby Brown, and acclaimed Scottish traditional singers Griogair Labhruidh (19th and 20th August) and Talitha MacKenzie (26th August).

Over the centuries, Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands have shared a common culture, language and musical heritage. Irish harpers travelled to Scotland and were valued at Scottish chieftains' courts for their skill and beautifully evocative music. Much of the older Irish harp repertoire, which has been lost in Ireland, can be found in Scottish manuscripts and other sources, while Scottish piping and vocal traditions have preserved much common Gaelic musical heritage. These concerts explore and celebrate that heritage and these musical connections, established many centuries ago.

This is a rare opportunity to hear early Irish harps, the ancient instruments depicted in Ireland’s national emblem, in contemporaneous surroundings, in the medieval churches of Fethard and Dublin. Exquisite replicas of the Trinity College or ‘Brian Boru’ harp, Ireland's only surviving medieval harp, will be heard and audiences will have a rare opportunity to experience the meltingly beautiful sound of brass, silver and 18-carat GOLD strings played in the old manner with fingernails by three of the world’s foremost early Irish harp players.

Our harpists will be joined by Scottish singer and piper Griogair Labhruidh (19th and 20th August), whose family has been steeped in the musical traditions of Argyll for centuries; acclaimed Gaelic singer Talitha MacKenzie (26th August) and historical Scottish piper, Barnaby Brown, whose haunting early 19th century pipes complements the harps and voice so perfectly.

These concerts are part of the international Scoil na gCláirseach—Summer School of Early Irish Harp, which takes place at Kilkenny School of Music 17th-23rd August, 2011.

Ticket information:

Fethard - €12/€10.

Kilkenny - €18/ €12, payable at the door.

Dublin - €18/€12, payable at the door, pre-booking is highly recommended due to a limited venue capacity.

Bookings: 087 113 0578